About Me

My name is Caleigh and I am a Coeliac and Ileostomate with Crohn's Disease.

I love to cook, eat and be fed and have a passion for quality ingredients, cooked without over-complication. I believe wholeheartedly in making gluten free food that tastes like "normal food". This blog charts my journey through the world of food, Coeliac Disease and Crohn's and shares the discoveries with you, hopefully offering a few recipe suggestions along the way!

Diet has dominated my life since 1993 but, now I control it - not the other way around.

Writing and Recipe Development
I do not accept payment for anything written on Gluten Free[k], however, I do work freelance outside of this blog.  If you are interested in my writing or blogging, please contact me.

Reviews / PR
I am happy to accept samples and books for review and will always state in a blog post when something was received for that purpose. Please note that I will only publish posts about things that I genuinely love and believe will be useful to my readers. Do remember that this is a gluten free blog and, as such, I will never review food products that contain gluten!  If you have a product you would like me to review, you can email me or use the contact form.

Medical Disclaimer
I am not a medical professional and this site is not intended to provide medical advice.  If you suspect that you might have Crohn's Disease, Coeliac Disease or any food allergy or intolerance, please see your GP for advice.  Always consult a doctor or dietitian before making any changes to your diet.


  1. Dear Caleigh. I am in my journey to figure out what is going on with my Infernal Guts, that's been flaring off and on for nearly 14 years. Finally went Gluten free a couple of months ago, and flares went into remission (briefly).. until an accidental exposure 2 weeks ago.

    Found your writing on FoodsMatters about Coeliac and Crohn's coexisting, and I think I might fit the criteria. After being briefly admitted to hospital last week, I am finally getting to see a Gastroenterologist tomorrow.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful writes and recipes, and compassion for other people struggling with trying to get a diagnosis (I had lots of rather untrustworthy doctors who prefers to dismiss my aches and pains rather than fully investigate it)

    Carpe Diem! Plus your recipes looks amazing :) will try them when I can stand up in the kitchen again. I've got some fantastic Asian gf recipes that I will write on my blog page, someday. Do drop by.

  2. Hi Caleigh,
    am happy to have found your blog. love adding to my gf repertoire. will enjoy exploring....and cooking!