Thursday, 6 December 2012

Yorkshire Provender Soup Giveaway

Winter, my favourite season, is upon us. No, I don't like being cold, nor am I a much of a fan of the fact  that the moment the first snowflake hits the ground in the South of England, everyone panics, drives like eejits to the nearest shop and buys all the bread and milk, but I still think it's the most beautiful season of them all. I love the crisp air, frost on windows, snow-covered countryside and icicles in doorways. I live for keep-warm moments like putting on socks straight from the tumble dryer, fluffy jumpers, warming up cold feet on a loved one (the Husband is less of fond of that one, to be honest) and hugging a bowl of hot soup.

The wonderful people at Yorkshire Provender have given me some gluten free soups from their winter soup range to share with you! So, if you like the sound of the sweet, earthy and gently spicy beetroot soup with parsnip, horseradish and ginger; a rich and filling tomato and red pepper soup with wensleydale cheese and rosemary, or vibrantly green pea and fresh spinach, there's a warming soup with your name on it! 

To win a selection of these soups to keep you and your Thermos toasty and satisfied this winter, just tell me what your favourite thing about winter is. The competition closes at noon on Monday the 10th December and only UK entrants will be eligible to win. Leave your comment below, or email me, and remember to to tell me your name - don't be anonymous, I'll need to contact you if you win! - and your home town. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Helen from Milton Keynes whose email entry won her the selection of soup. She said "I love nothing better than snuggling up in my warmest pjs with a mug of tea and watching winter work its magic outside. It's the most beautiful season of the year."


  1. Haha! I like to warm my tootsies on my Husband too - he hates it!!

    My favourite thing about winter has to be making lots of use of my lovely big red Le Creuset casserole dish - stews, casseroles, tagines and soups aplenty in the B household. Comfort-tastic

  2. My favourite thing about winter is a wood fire, chestnuts to roast (we even have a proper roaster!) and snuggling on the sofa while the wind wuthers outside.

  3. My favourite thing about winter is coming in from the cold and sitting in front of a warm fire.