Saturday, 25 August 2012

Qsilica Skin Care

Free from skincare? Really?

Well, yes. Over the years since my Coeliac diagnosis, I have noticed many discussions of forums, Twitter and Facebook groups about the gluten free credentials of various lipsticks, lipbalms, moisturisers and the like. Why the concern, I wondered. After all, your don't actually eat your skincare products, do you?

Do you?!

And yet. If you spend time thinking about what you put into your body, why shouldn't you be equally careful about what you put on to your skin? If your have sensitive skin, ezcema, psorisis or your Coeliac Disease presents as Dermetitis Herpetiformis, I'm sure you will agree. The FreeFrom Skincare Awards certainly do agree; it was launched this year to find skincare products that were free from as many allergens, chemicals, fragrances and artificial additives as possible. And the winner is..?

Qsilica Skin Care range is made from natural nutrients and contains an easily absorbed form of silica, which provides antioxidants and vitamins to your skin. All their products are free from chemicals, parabens, sulphates, petroleum and synthetic additives. The ingredients lists are full of words like jojoba, avacado, lime, shea butter and coconut (maybe I could eat it...? I won't). The big question is, though, is it any good? 

I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of the FreeFrom Skincare Awards overall winner, Qsilica Remove Make Up and Grime Cleansing Gel. After using it for a couple of months now and I'm convinced by its merits. My skin, which is sensitive and prone to dryness has been much clearer and smoother since using it and that 'tight' feeling that I get after using most cleansers is no longer a problem. The ultimate test (for me) is that I can open my eyes whilst the cleanser is still on my face and not do the "ouch it stings" dance that had become routine during my cleansing ritual. The big question is, will I buy it once my freebie has run out? Yes! I love how my skin feels after using this product and I will definitely be purchasing it. Qsilica Skin Care range is available from Planet Health and the Remove Make Up and Grime Cleansing Gel is £15.95. 

For more information on the FreeFrom Skincare Awards check out the 2012 list of winners and Alex Gazzola's review of the first year of the awards. 

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