Sunday, 15 July 2012

Mrs Crimble's Macaroons

Anyone with Coeliac Disease will have heard of Mrs Crimble's, from baking mixes to savoury snacks, I'm a fan of their products. Until now, I've never really tried their macaroons. 

Cranberry Macaroons
I've not been able to eat coconut for years, thanks to Crohn's Disease, but since my Ileostomy surgery, I've rediscovered  foods that were previously off the menu. Imagine my delight when the wonderful people at Mrs Crimble's sent me a box of their macaroons to try. I particularly enjoyed the Cranberry Macaroons, which were surprisingly sweet and soft and overpoweringly tart, like cranberries can be.  If you love chocolate and orange, you have to try the Mini Choc Orange Macaroons, but be warned - they are incredibly moreish!

Mini Choc Orange Macaroons
Something you might not know about Mrs Crimble's is their wonderful Share the Love scheme. You can nominate someone who you think deserves a treat and Mrs Crimble's send 1,000 lucky people a free teatime treat, every month! I'm sure we can all think of someone who we don't get in touch with often enough, that we'd like to surprise with a wee treat. If you want to nominate someone, you can do it at

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  1. I LOVE Mrs Crimbles Macaroons and best of all, they can be found in even the smallest Budgens or Co-op so I can find them easily and so can friends and family who love to find something tasty that they can feed me. Just delicious. Cranberry ones sound good! Will look out fo them.