Monday, 14 May 2012

Fria Gluten Free

The Holy Grail of gluten free bread is one that has a soft, but slightly chewy, texture and tastes like 'real' bread, not that generic, bland starchy flavour that many of the usual suspects have.  Oh, and one that doesn't disintegrate when you dip it in soup or a boiled egg.  Well, such a bread exists!  Fria Gluten Free have achieved, in my opinion, the ultimate in gluten free bread.

Fria products come pre-frozen so you can store then in your freezer and only defrost what you need, ideal if you are the only Coeliac in the village because you'll never have to contend with the age-old race to finish the bread before the mould gets it.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a huge box of goodies from Fria Gluten Free and I have been dutifully greedily working my way through the products ever since...

The breads I received were, Limpan, Vita and the award winning Grova, and all were outstanding.  All defrosted at room temperature within 30 minutes and made fantastic, soft sandwiches.  

Limpan is a light brown Swedish style loaf that has the most delicately sweet hint of orange that makes a great addition to the breakfast table.  Vita is a white bread that is better than any other white bread available, (and high fibre!) it is so soft that it seems a shame to toast it, but it does make brilliant toast, too.  Grova, winner in this year's bread category at the FreeFrom Food Awards, contains linseed and caraway seeds, so it's packed with flavour and has a texture that would fool any non-coeliac!

The Minibaguette and Grov Minibaguette are just like those part-baked baguettes you probably remember from your pre Coeliac days.  Warmed in the oven, the crust becomes crispy, combined with the fluffy insides, these are the best gluten free rolls I have tried yet.

If you fancy something sweet, Kladdkaka, the chocolate brownie cake, thoroughly deserved it's commendation in the FreeFrom Food Awards!  Oh, and thanks to Caroline from Sweetcheeks for recommending Kanelbulle, the delicious cinnamon buns.

You can buy Fria Gluten Free Products at:

Scandinavian Kitchen, 61 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7PP
TotallySwedish, 32 Crawford Street, London W1H 1LS
TotallySwedish, 66 Barnes High Street, London SW13 9LD
GFF Direct (delivered nationally) –
TotallySwedish (delivered nationally) –

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