Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hotel Chocolat - The Eggsibitionist

As a child, I faced the annual disappointment of opening my easter egg to discover that it was really just a thin shell of chocolate with a tiny bag of chocolates inside.  How did some kids make them last for weeks?! Mine were finished about ten minutes after opening them!  When the lovely people at Hotel Chocolat sent me an extra thick easter egg, I was prepared for the anticlimax of another - slightly thicker - thin shelled egg, but my cynicism was short lived...

When Hotel Chocolat say "extra thick", they mean it!  The shell was two substantial chunks of milk chocolate, each containing six mini eggs, with delicious salted caramel, praline, mango, ginger and raspberry fillings.  That's twelve scrummy egglets as well as the thickest easter egg I have ever seen!

The chocolate shell meets Hotel Chocolat's usual high standards and the egglets, with their exciting  insides, are positively dreamy.  And, all gluten free!  The website and catalogue are well labelled with the many gluten free options available.

At £26, it's a pricey option, but  I think it's worth it.  The quality of the chocolate and the egglets speak for themselves and the beautiful presentation in the attractive box, tied with ribbon make it a brilliant gift (for a loved one, or yourself!).

If you fancy The Eggsibitionist, you can find it and the rest of Hotel Chocolat's wonderful Easter Range at Hotel Chocolat stores, in their catalogue and on the website.

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