Friday, 23 December 2011

Free From & Festive - Day 12

Here we are at the final day of this free from and festive extravaganza!  By now I hope we have inspired you and filled you with excited anticipation for the days ahead.  In just 2 days time, the turkey will be in the oven (or maybe on the table!) and soon, it's very probable that you will have leftovers.

It's a time of year when it's so easy to waste food, the abundance can feel quite decadent and we become blasé about the fate of those scraps of meat.  Before you chuck that turkey carcass away, stop!  Those bones will make a delicious stock (I I chuck any leftover roast veg in there, too) and that will make wonderfully warming soups and risottos.

Then, what do you do with that leftover turkey meat?  How do you prevent turkey-boredom by the time Boxing Day closes?  Is there life beyond turkey curry?  (For a different type of curry, why not try Rick Stein's Sri Lankan Turkey Curry?)

Personally, I like to make a pie!  Using my flaky pastry recipe, I line the bottom of a pie dish with pastry, then fill with leftover turkey, roast veg, and gravy, and place stuffing balls on top.  Add a pastry lid, brush with egg and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 50 minutes, until golden brown.

We hope that this Christmas is a wonderful and allergy/intolerance/Coeliac friendly time!

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