Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Free From & Festive - Day 10

As we near the end of our 12 days of fantastic gluten free Christmas recipes and reviews it is time to talk about stuffing.  For some (the Husband) it is the most important part of the entire Christmas meal!  So, what's your preference? Good old sage and onion, chestnut, or something a bit sweeter? I have been really impressed by Marks & Spencer this year for the range of gluten free stuffings (as well as bacon wrapped chipolatas,  gravy, Christmas pudding and cake!) and I have started on the Pork Stuffing with Cranberry and Orange rather early!

If you haven't been dreaming of stuffing for the past few weeks and still don't know what to cook for the incredibly imminent Christmas meal, the wonderful Mrs D at Adventures of a Gluten Free Globetrekker has some sensational stuffing suggestions for you, pop over to her blog to check it out.
Mrs D makes Foodamentalist's Cranberry and Herb Stuffing

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