Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Noodle Frenzy

I opened my kitchen cupboard recently and hundreds of packets of gluten free pasta and noodles fell out at me.  The precarious piles I have acquired over the past few months finally reached critical mass and collapsed.  I found myself wondering, "do I have too many noodles?"  Granted, every time my in-laws visit they come bearing stacks of Trader Joe Rice Sticks, and I can't walk past a deli, Chinese supermarket, or fine foods store without checking out the free from section, and invariably buying some gluten free noodles to add to the collection, but the sheer quantity of them did come as a surprise.  I may be a noodle addict.

I felt slightly ashamed of the volume, yes, the long shelf-life of a dried noodle does allow for hoarding, but when the amount begins to overwhelm your cupboards, it's time to do something.

Rather fortuitously, I received the Wagamama recipe book for Christmas, and following a trip to See Woo oriental superstore in Glasgow, I am stocked up and ready to try out our favourites.
"Are we suddenly making up for the 4 years of you not being able to eat Chinese food?"  My Husband asked last night, after yet another orient-inspired dish (Shichimi Spiced Duck Ramen).  He's not complaining, after all, he has also missed out on Chinese food, thanks to the huge risk of gluten poisoning, or contamination from Chinese restaurant food.  I have also attempted shredded crispy beef and chicken Pho, with some success (if it do say so myself).  I spent an afternoon researching each online to find authentic recipes - happy days! We have now made a substantial dent in the noodle-mountain.

There is still some way to go so all suggestions will be gratefully received!


  1. i find it really hard to find rice noodles apart from in the gluten free section of Asda where they're really expensive! do you have any advice where you can pick them up at a reasonable price? thanks :) xx

  2. Hi Lizzy,
    Chinese supermarkets are always a good place, they have a variety, too. I also like King Soba noodles, they have a few gluten free noodles, you can buy them from their website: www.kingsoba.com
    Hope this helps :) x