Sunday, 11 July 2010

Happy-making Places to Eat

I'll be honest, I have become a little disillusioned by eating out recently. The husband and I went to Chiquitos a few weeks ago only to discover that their once fabulously gluten free menu had changed and all they could offer me was plain chicken. If I wanted plain chicken I would not have gone to a Mexican restaurant! La Tasca, the tapas restaurant with gluten free options labelled on the menu are gradually labeling less and less menu options. Frankie and Benny's told me I could have a potato...(hilarious, guys. If only I hadn't just walked out of Chiquitos in bitter disappointment.) I was beginning to think that the restaurant industry just don't want my business.

Until we found (drum roll, please) Gourmet Burger Kitchen!!! A place I had always avoided due to the whole burgers-come-in-a-bun assumption. However, GBK offer all their burgers without buns. Instead you get extra salad and coleslaw which is more than adequate. Our waiter was brilliant at checking the allergy folder and there were loads of options I could have. Hurrah! We have been back several times since that initial visit.

See? It pays to cater for the Coeliac.

Those who do make my life easy and allow me to enjoy my meal, safe in the knowledge I will not be suffering the side-effects of gluten in hours to come are rewarded with repeat business. (In no particular order) these are my favourite chains:
Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Loch Fyne Fish Restaurants

Oh, and should you find yourself in Scotland, the Ubiquious Chip, in Glasgow, and The Balgarth, in Ayr, are definately worth a visit.

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  1. Had a similar experience with Chiquito's... terrible.

    If you're anywhere near Cambridge may I recommend the 4 different Chop Houses we have down this way.

    I'm off to try GBK!