Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sweet or Savoury?

Back in July I was sure that my pending redundancy would herald a flurry of blogging, but strangely not. It's been such a busy time; job hunting, training courses, baby massage instructor practice, and time in Glasgow with my post-hysterectomy mum, have meant that the time has flown by. I have found time to cook, but it hasn't been anything overly inventive or memorable...

As autumn arrives, and I toy with the idea of switching the central heating on, I have returned to my soups and stews. The slow cooker has been dusted off and multiple packets of Annabel Karmel Gluten Free Pasta Stars have been purchased. I have even managed to raid the Musician's herb garden to add something extra to my stocks. So why it it that with all my comfort eating, I still struggle to gain weight?!

I have discovered that Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps are now suitable for Coeliacs', when did that happen?? I have been making up for lost time on that one!

I have resolved to make Christmas presents this year, unemployment has cut the pressie budget significantly. So, shall I make chutneys or chocolates? Sweet or Savoury? What do people want at Christmas time? I have made some test chocolate, complete with lumps of icing sugar(!), but until the Husband tries it and deems it edible, I don't know if it's any good. If it has worked, I can start to experiment with different flavours! To be continued!

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