Friday, 26 June 2009

A Few of My Favourite Things

Whenever something goes wrong in my life, my brother evokes the Mother Superior from the Sound of Music and reminds me "whenever God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window". So, with redundancy looming, and the battle with ill-health feeling like one step forward, two back, I thought I'd take a leaf from his book.

Short of dancing down the street with a guitar case, singing "I have confidence in confidence alone...", I have resorted to my favourite things. (I don't actually own a guitar, and the neighbours might call the police if I dance and sing in the street.) Anyway, Maria and the Von Trapp children definitely felt better when they tried it. So, here goes.

My husband's voice on the phone. My parents, both on the line when I chat to them. Hearing that my brother and sister-in-law might visit. Roast chicken, the smell, the crack of the crisp skin, the moist succulent meat, everything. Bunny. The Gilmore Girls, any episode, any series. A happy budgie. My computer working. Re-reading Christopher Brookmyre novels. Spring (or should that be summer?) cleaning. Tinkyada rice pasta. A cup of tea. Hot and Sour Soup with rice noodles. Revising and realising I've actually learned something! A massage gone well. Cooking for other people. Spending time with my Maid of Honour. Photographs. Cola cubes. Feeding the ducks. Cheese on (ener-g) toast. NOT setting the alarm for the next morning. The fact that my Husband is excited about his work. Terry Wogan. Finally getting the template right on my bag. Finding clothes I forgot I had. Ginger. The Sound of Music. Dick Van Dyke, any era (young - he's like my uncle, older - I want him to be my grandfather). Sleeping through the night. The Mentalist. Tomatoes. Tamari. Visiting Glasgow. The Musician and the Actor. Wholegrain mustard. Raspberries.

Wow, I do feel better!

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