Monday, 25 May 2009

barbecues, gluten, and pavlova

It's barbecue time again. I know this because I have been to two over the weekend. I also know this because I am still suffering from gluten poisoning from the first one. I brought gluten free sausages with me, but they appear to have been cooked alongside all the gluten-containing bbq foods so I might as well have eaten them in a bun! At the second barbecue, this one at the Musician and the Actor's house, the Musician apologised for having "utterly failed" at finding suitable food for me. It was absolutely fine though, as I wasn't hugely in the mood for bbq food. All was made right by pavlova, made by the queen of pavlova, it was brilliant! A double-layered creation with fruit and fruit coulis, and slightly sweetened whipped cream. Utterly delicious. I completely forgot that I was feeling rubbish, such is the power of great Pavlova!

I've had two accidental gluten poisoning incidents since the colostomy, one was my own fault for not reading an ingredients list properly, a recipe had changed - previously gluten free, not any more. This weeks' bbq was worse. The colostomy means I get dehydrated more easily, so I feel awful quickly. My stoma nurse taught me to eat a banana, packet of crisps, and drink a glass of cola, it rehydrates you because it contains potassium, sodium and sugar. I wish I knew that 2 years ago, it really does work!

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  1. Sorry to hear you got "glutened" at a party. It is hard to eat out, even with well-meaning friends, because of so many hidden pitfalls lurking out there. But I'm glad to see you were treated with a pavlova! What a cool friend to make one for you.