Monday, 30 March 2009

Life Lessons

You learn something new every day... Or so the saying goes. Today has been an above average day.

Lesson #1 - Maize pasta will not behave like rice pasta in soup. It will go mad, break up and stick to the bottom of the pan. My soup now has the consistency of set jelly and has turned yellow. Must send an order for more Mrs Leepers rice alphabets to the in-laws in America.

Lesson #2 (not for the feint-hearted) - If you are very tired and wearing a pediatric colostomy bag in bed, be prepared for 3am shenanigans. The bag filled up, came off and my stoma kept on going. Putting my hand in it was the first I knew about it. After my bleary-eyed clean up operation, I had to remove my still slumbering husband from the bed, change the sheets, replace him, then find some warm pyjamas (the heating having long switched off) before crawling into bed to shiver myself back to sleep. Not the best start to a day!

Lesson #3 - If you are female and filling up your car radiator in a public car park, everyone will have an opinion on what the problem is. Even if you ALREADY KNOW what the problem is.

I accept that these lesson will not change the world. But, if even one person reading this thinks twice about putting maize pasta in turkey noodle soup, then my work is done.

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  1. The Italians prefer to use rice pasta, so if it's good enough for them!