Friday, 27 March 2009

In LoveMore

Yay! I have found the elusive LoveMore gluten free products in my local Waitrose. They appeared in the Coeliac UK food and Drink directoty updates late last year, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I even went as far as calling the company to find out if they had any local stockists.

Why, you may ask, all the fuss? Two words, Puff. Pastry. Something I believed was lost and gone forever for me as a Coeliac. The idea of making my own puff pastry didn't appeal (warm hands and no patience) and it seemed that no gluten free bakeries were up to the challenge. Until, that is, LoveMore. I am currently munching my way through a box of Savoury Straws - puff pastry cheese straws - and they are delicious! Light, flaky and just cheesy enough, they are sure to become a favourite. I have plans to try the Palmiers and Frozen Puff Pastry Block, all available from Soon, I can start work on recreating my long-lamented Greggs chicken bake! Steak pie, apple strudel, sausage rolls, beef wellington, the possibilities are endless.

Now all I need is for someone to produce gluten free spring roll wrappers and my search will be complete!


  1. Gluten free spring rolls are available from Butterfly snacks, they also make lovely samosas.

  2. That's very exciting. I will have to check them out!