Monday, 29 October 2007

Bread? What bread?

My In-Laws-to-be arrived in the country this weekend, and so the education on what I can and can't eat begins again! It did occur to me as I chatted to the Mother-In-Law-to-be about what I can eat, that I've not really wanted bread in a long time. I was surprised. 7 months ago, when I was diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease, I thought a life without bread would be awful. My first few months saw me eating a lot of gluten free bread (I love the NHS) and other cake and biscuit substitutes, now I seldom do. I read somewhere (probably someones gluten free blog) that wheat is addictive and that many people experience withdrawal symptoms when they cut it out of their diet. I definitely did. Now, however, I truly do not miss it. I still love the smell of toast, but it doesn't cause the same pangs of regret that it once did. I think I'm cured of my bread addiction!

Next on the agenda is how to survive the Chinese eat-all-you-please Buffet, or the nothing-I-can-eat buffet, as I call it. Do I go and eat boiled rice, or just not bother? Buffets in general are danger zones due to their high possibility of cross-contamination, but Chinese food is full of soy sauce and other gluten-filled ingredients. Oh, the dilemma...

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  1. It's very frustrating sitting there eating rice and sipping tea while people feast. Esp since Chinese food could so easily be gluten free with the right brand of sauces!