Tuesday, 23 October 2007

6 weeks to go!

Aargh!! 6 weeks to go until the wedding! It's very soon.

Went to Glasgow this weekend for a dress fitting and hen do no.1. Of course, we went to the Beech Trees for a meal. It's such a great restaurant, big servings and hassle free for me. Delicious.

For the hen night we went to The Left Bank in the West End. They were massively helpful about what was gluten-free, with a few substitutions I could have most items on the menu. I opted for the Chicken Satay (quite spicy, but very tasty) and Left Bank Burger, without the bun. It was great, despite having to try to eat it through the crazy wig and clouds of glitter that was part of the outfit I had to wear! My Sister-in-law excelled herself in finding a restaurant that was so gluten free friendly and also very cool! I had a brilliant time.

The wedding list was released on Saturday and already some people have bought us gifts! A lot of the items on it are kitchen things, which is very exciting for me. I'm looking at all of it as a completely gluten free canvas to cook from. The Fiance is a little wary of the fact that he'll essentially be eating gluten free when we get married - unless he cooks for himself. He seems to enjoy the gluten free stuff I cook for him now, so I'm sure he'll cope.

I've lost a bit of weight recently, I really need to put it on. I'm seeing my dietitian next week and I'm going to ask her for some help with that. I'm sure most of the problem is due to the stress of the wedding, invites being caught up in the postal strikes, male outfits not organised, no wedding rings... You can see the possibility that stress might be affecting my weight... Plus, I've started my Open University course, work is very busy and my responsibilities at church have stepped up, so I'm using up my energy more quickly than I was. Oh well, in 6 weeks time I can relax...

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  1. Wow- it is really soon now! Congrats on coming up with the gluten-free menu. I'm sure everything will be fabulous.

    My DH was a little leery of living gluten-free too- until we were doing it and he realized all the delicious things that were naturally gluten free. :)

    Best wishes and congrats!