Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Overdue Update

Can anyone tell me what phenomenon in the space-time continuum has caused these last 3 weeks to move so much more quickly than every other? Where has the time gone? I wonder if time will continue to speed up until the wedding? I hope not - there's still loads to do.

My stomach's gone a bit mad in the last week and a half. The question is, is it Crohn's, Coeliacs or something else? That's the (well, one of) problem with having two digestive disorders - it's hard to know what the cause of symptoms are. Crohn's and Coeliacs Disease have many of the same symptoms so it's not always easy to tell. I don't think I've eaten anything with gluten in it, although I could have contaminated something. The kitchen is a bit of a nightmare at the moment. My "gluten free worktop" is not really working any more - dirty plates get dumped on it, many of those have crumbs on. Of course, it could just be a stress thing - I am getting married in two months time... Friends keep telling me about various stress symptoms they and people they know developed before weddings - not very helpful.

Just so long as I keep putting weight on I'm not too worried.

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