Monday, 13 August 2007

A successfully coeliac weekend!

Ever have a day when you feel you've been particularly successful at this whole gluten free thing? Maybe in time I'll find it normal, but this weekend I felt quite please with all the eating I did.

The Fiance and I were at an Aunty's on Friday night for curry with some family. There was a curry made with me in mind, definitely no gluten, and a few others that were also gluten free. Anything made with chutneys or anything else where the ingredients were ambiguous was out but I had a plate heaped with curry and rice! Very yummy.

A friend's bbq on Saturday was great too. I brought gluten free sausages with me that were guarded carefully on the bbq to make sure no one else took them! There were loads of lovely accompaniments too, not just bread. I had some coleslaw, potato salad and fries onions and ketchup - all gluten free - with my sausages and was very satisfied. One of my friends (Lovely Bunny, who cooked me meals for my freezer) is intolerant to wheat and think I ruined her day slightly by pointing out all the goodies the contained wheat!! Oh well, she'll thank me in the long-run...

Sunday, lunch at the Village Hall in Chalfont St Peter. Our waitress was very helpful and said she could get the kitchen to do most menu items gluten free for me. I had roast lamb (no gravy or yorkshire puddings) which was really nice, and so tender that I didn't miss the gravy.

And. Lovely Bunny is cooking for me on Wednesday! Going to hers to plan the hen night - very excited.

Yay! Good eating.

Going to Glasgow to visit the Parents and to be a bridesmaid for my friend. It's my (and my twin brother's) birthday on Tuesday so Mum and Dad are taking us to the Beech Trees for dinner. You may have read my previous post on this restaurant. I love it! All the gluten free options are marked on the menu, and there's loads of them and they are adapt lots of others if you like. The servings are huge and the food is delicious. I'm looking forward to it, worth turning 26 for! We're also having a family bbq, Mum is rustling up some yummy things for me... I'm spoiled, really.

Ah, I'm feeling so pleased with myself. It's a good feeling!

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