Tuesday, 14 August 2007

I couldn't live without...

Marks&Spencer's Cumberland Sausages - Part of their regular sausage range with rice rusk instead of wheat rusk. Taste great and have the texture of normal sausages! Yum

Tesco's Free From Hot Cross Buns - I know, it's not Easter but these are delicious. The Fiance said even he couldn't tell the difference between the real ones and these ones. They've become a bit of a breakfast staple for me.

Sainsbury's Free From Part-baked Baguette - As long as you don't burn it (I'm easily distracted...) it tastes great and is lovely and moist. It's essential for picnics, if it ever stops raining! Best eaten warm just after baking.

Dietary Specials' Chocolate and Orange Bars - made with puffed rice. Deliciously moreish!

Bisto Best Gravy Granules - I love gravy, this comes in beef, onion, chicken, pork and vegetable.

Discovery Foods Gluten Free Mexican Kit - You can make all kinds of stuff with this, I tend to make enchiladas. It says it serves 4 on the box, I find it only serves 3 hungry people.

John West Tuna Light Lunch, Nicoise Style - great for when you need to grab something from the shops at lunchtime. Big chunks of tuna, olives, tomato and beans. It's very filling.

Blue Dragon Rice Pancakes - I can have spring rolls again!

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  1. We'll have to look out for the M&S cumberland sausages - thanks for the tip.

    At the moment, my coeliac daughter couldn't live without her Juvela buns, Moilas vegetarian pizza or caramel flavour Rice Time crackers ... but I find this list changes all the time, usually when I've just stocked up on something thats just gone out of favour!