Monday, 6 August 2007

A Happy GP

I made my GP happy today!! I went to see her to get some of the gluten free items on my prescription changed. (All the free samples that companies sent me changed my mind!) She was delighted to see how much healthier, heavier and happier I was since she last saw me. She couldn't get over the difference in me. It's always nice to see your GP when you're well - although not for no reason, that would be wasting her time! - they tend only to see sick people, it must boost their esteem to see the occasional better person! We ended up talking about my wedding and marriage plans more than my various conditions. It's nice to leave your doctor's office with both of you smiling. Yay!


  1. How much free sample stuff did you get sent? I sent off a couple of cards and then just got one loaf of bread back. I'm not really into gluten free bread so I couldn't be bothered getting a prescription.

  2. I got stuff from Dietary Specials (pasta and bread), Glutano (prezels), and loads from Juvela (bread, rolls, pasta and bread mix). A few others sent me information sheets and newsletters. I sent away for stuff from Glutafin too, but my dietitian said they're quite slow at getting things out.

    You can get pasta, flour and biscuits on prescription too, if any of them interest you?