Thursday, 30 August 2007


Well, I had a great time in Glasgow. Caught up with friends, got wedding invites made and was a bridesmaid for a good friend.

My parents took my brother and I to the Beech Trees restaurant for our birthday. I love that place! I had a steak with peppercorn sauce, it was delicious. I asked for ice cream for dessert and the waitress even double-checked the sauces to see if I could eat them. (This is the restaurant with all the gluten free items labeled on the menu). I wonder if the restaurant manager is Coeliacs, because they all have a great understanding of what gluten free means and all about cross contamination, etc. More places like that please.

The wedding was great too. My friend looked stunning and the reception was at her and her new husband's farmhouse. It was such a beautiful setting and it was great to see all my friends. The food was fab - a spicy prawn salad with mango to start, followed by a hog roast. The crackling was amazing and it was served with fresh veg and boiled potatoes, so I could eat everything, and I did! We didn't get home until well after 3am and my feet were falling off by the time we did, but it was worth the pain!

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