Monday, 30 July 2007

1 year recovery

Have been transferring dates from my old diary into my new one and realised that this time last year was when the whole resection debacle really kicked off! I felt more and more ill as July went on that I eventually saw the doctor on 18th August, saw my consultant on 30th August and by 5th September was under the knife having my illeo-ceocal obstruction resectioned! And people complain about waiting lists on the NHS!! The point of this story, is that back in September I was sure that it would only take a few months until a was as fit as a fiddle and back to full strength and energy levels. Boy was I wrong! Just when I thought I should be back to "normal" I felt rubbish again. We all know the happy end to this, of course. Coeliacs - gluten free diet - betterness! Yay!

Maybe I shall learn patience in the future.

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