Tuesday, 19 June 2007


I've found someone who will make our wedding cake with a gluten and nut free tier! And her cakes are beautiful, I have actually fallen in love with some of her designs. So we now have, cake, invitations, The Father-In-Law-To-Be is sorting our cars, I have a dress and an idea for the bridesmaids, The Fiance has chosen his suit and Best Man. All we need now is a bow tie for my dad and an outfit for you mum! I'm going to visit them this weekend. You have no idea how much I need this trip. I've been really withdrawn and tearful recently, I know this can be a sympton of Coeliacs, but I think its a combination of self-image issues (I hate being this skinny and I think that I look unhealthy) and frustration that I've not miraculously got better in 2 months. What I need is a few days of mum and dad time and lots of yummy home cooking. Even just the thought of not having to cook for myself for a few days cheers me up!!

Packing for Mum and Dad's is crazy. I'm going for 4 nights so I'll need 4 sachets of Maxijul, 2 bottles of Calogen, 8 Enlive Plus drinks, one loaf of gluten free bread (Mum and I are going to bake some too), and half a pack of gluten free crispbread. That's on top of my regular Crohn's Disease medication! I'm off to a wedding in France the weekend after so will need to think about what I can take there, I won't be having home cooked meals so need to think about how I can add my weight gain supplements to food while I'm away. I wonder if I can charge my excess baggage to the NHS?!

I've been reading up a bit on Coeliacs and I think I understand a bit better the reasons behind all my various symptoms. I was very interested to read that the main areas of malabsorbtion are fats and lactose. I'm keeping a food diary so that I can look at my diet to see what I might need to change. I'll talk to the Dietitian next week when she weighs me.

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  1. Hey there! I'm so glad that you were able to find someone to make your gluten free wedding cake tier for you. We also had a gluten free wedding cake, except in our case we had the whole thing made to be gluten free. It was very tasty and people seemed to like it (although I was a bit distracted at the time). Congrats on your upcoming wedding- you two are an adorable couple (I hopped over to your personal wedding page). I hope all the planning goes well, and that you have a wonderful day!

    (of the book of yum)