Friday, 15 June 2007

Loch Fyne

Well, I am full of praise for the Loch Fyne fish restaurant! I went out for dinner with The Fiance and his parents (invite crisis over, we're in agreement about one!) to Loch Fyne in Beaconsfield. I phoned ahead and was reassured that everything is made from scratch in the kitchen so that any dietary requirement could be catered for. I told the waitress when she first came to the table that I was Coeliacs and what I had to avoid, when I made my choice (guided by the list provided by email - see my post on 21st May) she went to the kitchen to double check it was ok and then came back to me to double check what I couldn't eat. It was all very reassuring. I opted for the Pan-fried Bream with Olive Oil Mash and Watercress Pesto. It was delightful, the mash was soft and sweet-ish but the olive oil didn't overpower the fish. The Bream was lovely, the crispy skin and mild flavour were just what I wanted. My only criticism would be that the pesto was more of a garnish than part of the dish, I expected more from it. All in all, however, a really tasty meal, and one where I didn't have to give gluten a second thought. Hurrah! The Father-In-Law-to-be raved about his fish stew (contains gluten) and Mackerel Pate (no gluten, except if you have the oatcakes - i suppose you'd have to eat it with a spoon(!) or bring your own crackers). He seemed very pleased with his first visit to the restaurant, and he's a difficult man to impress.

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