Thursday, 7 June 2007

Gluten-free-nut-cake or nut-free-gluten-cake?

Hmmm... The Fiance's parents are coming next week. They want to see a prototype invitation, we haven't agreed on a design yet. All my ideas have been rejected by The Fiance, who says he "doesn't care what it looks like, I just want you to design them" but who has disliked every suggestion. I was wide awake until well after 3am last night (despite ridiculous exhaustion) worrying about it. On top of that, we need to find someone to make our wedding cake with a gluten free tier and to ensure that it's nut free (The Fiance can't eat nuts). I think we should have a pavlova wedding cake. That solves all our problems, and pavlova is brilliant! I knew things would get stressful once we hit the 6 months to go mark, I just didn't factor in the fact that The Fiance would want so much say in everything, and that his opinion would oppose mine in everything. The only area in which I've had complete autonomy is the flowers, but he's not chosen his ushers so I can't order any buttonholes because I don't know numbers... Seriously, I thought weddings were meant to be all about the Bride (and Groom) not the Groom (and his family). I need to visit my mum and dad, regain perspective.

Now for the good news. I've been seeing a dietitian for Coeliacs, obviously, but also to help me gain weight. She weighed me yesterday and in the first week of using all the weight-gain supplements I've put on 1 1/2 lbs! Ok, so it doesn't seem like much but to see the scales moving upwards not downwards is very exciting for me. I'm a bridesmaid for a friend in August, hopefully I'll have put on enough weight by then that I won't look like a real-life stick person. My target is to have put on about a stone by the end of August so that when I have my first wedding dress fitting it doesn't drop off me!

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