Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Sooo tired! On Sunday morning I woke up before my alarm, got up, dressed, had breakfast and was ready for church before I realised that this was not normal for me. Where had this energy come from? Could it be the copious amounts of food and 3 different weight-gain supplements I had the day before? Doubtful. I was sick the day before and didn't each much and didn't manage all my supplements. Could I be cured of Coelics?! That seemed unlikely too. I hope that it is part of the exceedingly slow healing process that I've noticed since starting on the gluten free diet. By about 3pm I was exhausted again and ready to sleep for a week, but it was nice while it lasted.

I'm back to complete lack of energy now. It's a struggle to even open my eyes in the morning, let alone get up. I have to force myself out of bed. Throughout the day I feel as if I could fall asleep at any moment and it's quite normal for me to have a nap in the evening. I know that it's a result of malabsorption and once my intestines heal I'll feel better. When will that be? I'm bored of this now. Sunday morning was a glimpse of what I could feel like, it's made me impatient.

Yesterday I was so sleepy in the evening that I couldn't be bothered to cook. This would have been the ideal situation to rescue one of the meals that Lovely Bunny cooked for me to freeze. (If I'm honest, I'm desperate for an excuse to eat one of the frozen meals because they are gorgeous. I tasted a bit to check seasoning and could have finished the lot then and there!) Instead, The Musician decided to make salmon. The salmon, however, was lovely. The accompaniment was achieved by par-boiling then sauteing potatoes, panicking and throwing in some onion, stirring vigorously, then adding chopped peppers! It actually tasted quite nice, I think it could be improved by popping it the oven and roasting for half an hour. Next time!

Today, I think I will cook. I re-discovered Delia Smith's recipe for moussaka and it seems a fairly simple process to adapt it to make it gluten free. I'll let you know if it works!

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  1. Hi there! Thyroid problems often come with Celiac/coeliac disease as it is one more auto immune disease - if you are hypo or hyperthyriod that could be why you are still so tired. Maybe your doc already checked it out, but if not, have them do a simple blood test. The adjustment should help you gain weight too. Unfortunately, I have the opposite problem and need to lose weight!