Monday, 21 May 2007

Gluten free fried breakfast

Yum, the humble fry-up is mainly gluten-free! Add gluten-free sausages and gluten-free bread to fry (this works really well, it comes out nice and crunchy) and you're sorted. The Fiance is delighted, at least one of his favourite meals is still on the menu!

Went to a barbeque yesterday. I quickly realised that there was nothing there I could eat. Fortunately, I had dinner before I went out so it was ok. We're having a barbeque at our house next week (if it doesn't rain...) so I need to make sure there's something I can eat, I could probably cook it on the grill to avoid contamination, or have it cooked first on the BBQ. I'll make gluten free side dishes I think.

I'm quite surprised by people's reactions to this diet. I thought people would say "bring your own food please" when I went to their houses, but they actually say "tell me what you can't eat and I'll make sure my food is ok for you". One friend has even offered to cook me a gluten-free meal so I can put it in my freezer for when I can't be bothered to cook! How lovely. I am still fully prepared to take my own food to places if it make life easier for them or me. People are really interested in what Coeliacs is and what the diet entails. I thought friends would get sick of gluten-free-chat, but they have loads of questions and want to know how I'm getting on. I'm feeling massively encouraged by this. Even though I could eat anything at the barbeque last night, I'm still glad I went. It was the boost I was needing.

Off to find some recipes for gluten-free barbeque food!

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  1. Pasta salad with gluten free pasta is always easy enough... baked goods with quinoa, amaranth, or millet could be a hit... fruit salad