Tuesday, 22 May 2007

I don't know what I ate last summer

I've had an epiphany... I'm an incurable comfort eater. Even in the height of summer I'd be delighted to scoff a big bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy. I live for stews and casseroles, pies and pot roasts, soup, baked beans on (gluten free) toast. I am renowned for cooking meat in liquid. I love curling up on the sofa with a warming, comforting meal.

It occurs to me now, as we approach summer, that I don't know what to eat when it gets hot! I was so ill last summer that all I ate was rice crispies and tomato soup - not in the same bowl, I hasten to add. This summer, with obstruction removed, Crohn's under control and, hopefully, Coeliacs improving, I need to find summery dishes to eat.

The Crohn's means that I have problems with lettuce so salads are not an option. I should start grilling my meat, I suppose, the BBQ season should help with that. New potatoes - no skins, Crohn's, seasonal vegetables. What's in season? Oh, is it so strange to crave stodge when the sun shines?

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