Saturday, 19 May 2007

Blog the first

I'm 25 and have had Crohn's Disease for 12 years. I thought I was prepared for anything my digestive system had to throw at me until 18th April when my consultant told me I had Coeliacs Disease too!

Strangely, I feel quite positive about this diagnosis, Coeliacs is controlled by a gluten-free diet so I am in charge of my treatment - no need to rely on doctors to work out the best medications or treatments. Ultimately, if I follow the diet to the letter then I will get better. Sounds good.

The Fiance thinks that our social life is over, or at least that we'll only be able to eat out at expensive places. Fast food is definitely out, too much breadcrumbs and things in bread, as are pizza restaurants. Although I've emailed a few chain restaurants and I'll publish their responses here in case others are interested. My parents, on the other hand, are stocking their freezer with gluten free goodies from farmers' markets and the like for my next visit!

I've been on the gluten-free diet for 4 weeks, with varying levels of success. I met with a Coeliacs' dietitian this week so I have a better idea of what to avoid. I've sent off for loads of samples of gluten free products to see what I can get prescibed by my GP and I'm looking forward to the deliveries. I see lots of tasting sessions for The Fiance and me (and probably my two boy housemates).

The dietitian suggested that 3 months was a realistic amount of time to expect to see improvements. I think that some of the stomach symptoms (sickness, urgent diaorrhea) are calming down, but the tiredness is refusing to budge. I'm eating well - both in quality and quantity - so hopefully something will be absorbed and I'll get some energy. Oh well, until next time...

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